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Trails and Greenways

The Trails & Greenways Committee liaises with Maryland’s trail and greenways equestrian groups, supports recreational land uses including public trails and trail access, and provides educational opportunities for horsemen working on local land use issues.  The current chair is Carolann Sharpe. 


Support our trails and greenways by:


Showing your support and stewardship of the trails goes a long way toward keeping the trails open and  getting positive attention from park personnel.   Park budgets are not sufficient to allow park personnel to adequately meet their responsibilities. They rely on volunteers to keep the parks and trails in usable shape.  If the trails cannot be maintained they will be closed.

Speaking Out and Participating in Groups

Participate in organizations that work with government agencies to promote and defend trail riding.  Show up and speak at public hearings affecting trails.  Write letters to your county and state representatives on issues that positively or negatively affect trails.  They will gladly support you if they are hearing similar concerns from lots of their constituents.

Trail Riding

Parks will not support trails that are not used.  Show that you value the trails by using them.  Trim and clear fallen branches from the trail as you ride.  An open, well trimmed trail is a sure sign of use and citizen stewardship.


Don't ride when the trail surface is wet.  Don't litter.  Don't create your own trail.  Don't leave straw and manure in the parking lot.  Be polite and courteous to others.  Ride a horse that is trained and prepared to handle the hazards they may encounter on the trail.  Don't ride a horse you can't handle.

Encourage Multi-Use Trails

The more people that use multi-use natural surface trails the better.  Join with mountain bikers and hikers to keep the trails open and repaired.  Participate in their scheduled trail work days.

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