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Jane Thery
Chair, Maryland Horse Council Farm Stewardship Commitee
The composting study group held a meeting on May 17, 2018.  I was in Montreal for a conference but called in to participate.

The primary meeting topic was to look at the composting and anaerobic digest-ers regulations in Maryland and other states.  As at the last meeting, the discussion had two basic elements:  protection of clean water and air around composting facilities and promoting the use of composting to recycle nutrients and minimize land fill use. 

An encouraging line of discussion for horse farms is to design user-friendly rules for operations at which composting is not the main commercial business.  This would include horse farms, wineries and breweries who are composting material on-site.  
Two pieces of news are that the mid-Atlantic's largest composting facility is opening in Prince Georges County.  So far it is under development and oriented toward food waste composting.  Also, the Maryland Environmental Services composting operation known for its LeafPro product made from composted leaves collected through state/county-funded pick up, composted in facilities such as the one in Dickerson, Montgomery County, and sold commercially at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. is adding a new product called LeafProGold that would include other compost-able material.

One of the people who spoke at the meeting is Edward Dexter who has worked on solid waste, recycling and organic compounds in the state since 1980.  A small meeting with him and our Farm Stewardship team might help move the policy forward to promote quality composting, compost use and compost sales from horse manure.
His contact information is:

Staff: Edward M. Dexter (410) 537-3318; e-mail:

Appointed by Secretary of the Environment:
Edward M. Dexter, Chair
Linda Andrews; Valerie S. Androutsopoulos; Brent R. Dilts; Michael Ensor; Bruce Giordano; Pamela Metz Kasemeyer, Esq.; Leslie Knapp, Jr.; Nicholas G. Manis; Lori Scozzafava; Christopher W. Skaggs; David Smith; Michael J. Taylor; Paul Tharp; Steven G. Tomczewski.

All documents discussed, including a white paper on the composting regulations in other states, is available at this link:
The next meeting is scheduled for July 19, 2018.
Go composting !
Contact information: Jane Thery; theryjane@gmail.com202-527-2145
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