October 10, 2018

MHC Supports Steuart Pittman Campaign

The Maryland Horse Council (MHC) formed the Horse Council PAC in 2011 to further the priorities of the MHC, and to promote the Maryland equine industry to Maryland government and the general public. In practice, the Horse Council PAC has only supported candidates and legislators at the state level, because of the limited amount of PAC funds and the large the number of state-level officials. The PAC, and MHC, encourages all MHC members to interact with their local legislators, particularly at the county level, and to support those who serve their interests.

This election year, MHC is in the unique position of having its current Vice President, past-President, and ardent equine supporter, Steuart Pittman, in the race for Anne Arundel County Executive. Although, as explained above, the PAC was not in a position to contribute to Steuart's campaign financially, the PAC members agreed to support Steuart as a candidate for County Executive to bring his experience and knowledge of the equine industry and MHC issues to local government.

Good luck, Steuart!

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