August 6, 2020

MHC Quarterly Meeting Summary

MHC Quarterly Meeting Summary

The Horse Council held its first Quarterly Board meeting of its fiscal year on July 28, 2020 via Zoom. Attendance by Directors established a quorum.

The Board heard reports on the Council's COVID pandemic activities, MHC’s financial status, plans for future management and financial development, as well as the activities and status of The Equiery and METS. You can read more about some of these topics in upcoming MHC e-newsletters and in The Equiery, MHC’s official voice!

Proposed by-laws amendments to reduce the number of membership categories and clarify check signing requirements were introduced and adopted. The new membership categories are “Individual” (a basic membership package), “Industry Professional” (an enhanced membership package with exclusive benefits for business and farm owners and for those running charity businesses or non-profit businesses in the horse industry) and “Association” (for membership-driven organizations). Learn more in upcoming MHC e-newsletters and in The Equiery, MHC’s official voice! 

The Bylaws call for Nominating and Auditing Committees; these are ad hoc committees formed at specific times for specific purposes. The 2020 Nominating Committee will propose candidates for the Board of Directors (to be elected at the November Annual General Membership Meeting) and for the Executive Committee and the Officers (to be elected after the Annual General Membership Meeting and by or at the first Quarterly Board of Directors in the new calendar year. The 2020 Auditing Committee is comprised of MHC members who will review MHC’s financial records in preparation for the Annual General Membership Meeting in November. If you have any interest in serving on these types of committees, please reach out to one of the current members of the executive committee, who can be found on 

Maryland Horse Industry Board Executive Director Ross Peddicord reported on activities of the MHIB, and general developments in the industry.

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